Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to the Super Market!

Super Market: Curated & Crafted
The onsite silent auction and online Etsy store for the 2016 ARLIS/NA + VRA Joint Conference in Seattle

Get a preview of some of the great things you'll be bidding on at the Silent Auction in Seattle March 10-11!

And a look at some of the Etsy store creations that you missed out on. Don't worry - there's still time to buy one of a kind handmade treasure in the Etsy store!

Bridging the digital and analog, the 2016 Joint Conference will offer familiar and innovative opportunities to bid and purchase donated items in our Super Market: Curated & Crafted. An onsite silent auction in the Exhibit Hall continues a conference tradition with in-person bidding for items from a variety of sponsors. And for the first time, online buying will be possible at a special Etsy site featuring the handmade work of ARLIS/NA and VRA makers. This pilot effort is intended to build conference buzz and extend giving and support 24/7 via Etsy, for conference attendees, those not able to attend, and anyone else interested in supporting our organizations.

As in the past, the proceeds from any sales will be returned to ARLIS/NA and VRA to support travel awards, membership, professional development, and other special endeavors.